Homeowners Insurance

December 11, 2015

Can a landlord make you buy renters insurance?

A decade ago, mandatory renters insurance was so rare that landlords who tried to impose it risked losing tenants. Today it’s as much a part of […]
December 11, 2015

Insurance Basics For New Homeowners (Demo)

You’ve been searching for the perfect house for months. Finally, you find the one. After your offer is accepted and a small mountain of paperwork is […]
October 8, 2015

Real Estate Agents Are Jumping Ship and Becoming Free Agents

More and more real estate agents are switching brokerage firms to pursue better deals and commissions. “There’s not a lot of brand loyalty,” said Billy Rose, […]
May 1, 2015

New Federal Rules Make It Tougher to Get a Reverse Mortgage

Thanks to a set of new federal rules doled out earlier this week, it has now become a bit more difficult to obtain a reverse mortgage […]
April 28, 2015

Report: Financial Sector ‘Rooting’ for Mortgage Rate Hikes

As mortgage interest rates continue to remain at historic lows, potential homebuyers are loving it and the financial sector is hating it. “There’s virtually nothing in […]
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